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Good Girls

Good Girls

Good Girls 2018 serial online

În acest serial e vorba despre trei soții și mame „fetele bune” care se trezesc dintr-o dată în situații disperate și hotărăsc să nu mai joace în siguranță și să riște totul pentru a-și lua puterea înapoi.
Parte introductivă (engleză) –
Girls today can be anything.
CEO, Olympic gold medalist,
even a Supreme Court Justice.
We’ve finally broken|that glass ceiling, and, wow,
sure looks good from the top.
Hey, go brush your teeth. Wipe her face.
Did you find your homework?
And you, my little friend,|you need pants.
Can I stay home from school today?
– Nobody’s staying home.|- I feel sick.
– What hurts?|- My spleen.
Specificity is good,|but that’s over the top.
Next time try tummy.
It’s go time. Let’s go.
Okay, everyone’s going to school.

Mommy has something important to do.
Oh, look.
Guys, look, Daddy’s on TV again.
So what are you waiting for?
A pig to fly?
All right, let’s go. Line up.
– Love you.|- Train’s leaving.
Love you. Love you.
Bags in the back.
Love you.
Love you.
Tuna fish. Keep it in the fridge.
Stop, stop, stop, Mom!
You make your dad drop you|off all the way back here?
I don’t know.
What’s the girlfriend drive?
Porsche Turbo.
Oh, I’m so sorry. Did you need this?
Love you, Sadie.
Can I have lunch money?
Come on, did those kids take it again?
God, those douchebags. It was a 20.
Well, small price to pay for|the bone structure of my face.
That’s very true.
I don’t want to leave you without cash.
Excuse me, who is the adult here?
Don’t answer that.
So why aren’t there any|of these awesome women
in my history book, huh?
I’ll tell you why.
Sister made the mistake|of getting her period.
They say behind every great man|there’s a great woman.
Well, I say that’s some bull|right there.
‘Cause none of these nasty|women I just told you about
stood behind men.

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Good Girls 2018 serial online

TV Status: In Production

Duration: 42 min


TMDb: 9